Johnson Controls TE-6352M-1 8

Johnson Controls TE-6352M-1 8
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Johnson Controls TE-6352M-1 8

Johnson Controls TE-6352M-1 8

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 The TE-6300 Temperature Sensor line 

provides economical solutions for a wide 
variety of temperature sensing needs, 
including wall-mount, outdoor-air, duct, 
strap-mount, well-insertion, duct-averaging, 
and Variable Air Volume (VAV) flange-mount 
duct-probe applications. The TE-6300 line 
offers both a metal and a plastic enclosure for 
the most popular models.
Sensors are available in the following types:
• 1k ohm thin-film nickel
• 1k ohm nickel averaging
• 1k ohm thin-film platinum
• 100 ohm platinum equivalent averaging
• 1k ohm platinum equivalent averaging
• 2.2k (2,252) ohm thermistor
• 10k ohm thermistor, Johnson Controls® 
Type II
Each sensor is packaged with the necessary 
mounting accessories to maximize ordering 
and installation ease and reduce both 
commissioning time and cost.

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