Pyronics 7155 Low Profile UV Detector Scanner

Pyronics 7155 Low Profile UV Detector Scanner
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Pyronics 7155 Low Profile UV Detector Scanner

Pyronics 7155 Low Profile UV Detector Scanner

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The 7155-0001 Ultra Violet Detector is a photo-sensitive flame sensor for use with the Pyronics Sens-A-Flame II and ESTRO flame monitoring system. The detector tube has a peak spectral response in the short wave ultra-violet region and, therfore, will not be activated by visable light, infra-red energy or sunlight, ect.

The detector responds to the ultraviolet radiation generated by all flames. The detector electronics have been designed to be compatible with the standard Sens-AFlame II and ESTRO systems. The system may be used with either 7150, 7155 Detectors of Flame Rods without modification.  Both Detectors and Flame Rods may be used intermixed on the same installation.   Dual sensing means UV detectors and/or Flame Rods may be used on any flame input terminal.


  • Small Size
  • Standard 5 PSIG Pressure seal
  • 1/2" Sighting Connection for maximum aperture
  • Optional Provisions for air purge


The 7155-0001 Purge Air Nipple provides a 1/8" inlet for a supply of cool air to control the temperature of the detector. The air also helps keep dirt and moisture out of the sighting port. The purge air nipple is threaded on both sides and is installed between the burner port and the detector

OUTPUT (Varies with flame condition):
Minimum: 1 micro Amp DC required for proper operation
Maximum: 100 micro Amps DC (Std.) 150 micro amps DC (Hi-Intensity)
MAXIMUM LEAD LENGHT: 200' under optimum conditions, see installation section in the Product Specifications PDF
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Burner sighting: 1/2" NPT Electrical connection : 1/2" flex conduit fitting
Wire : 36" stranded No. 18 AWG with 105C insulation
ENCLOSURE: .030" Aluminum with 1" hex mounting nut, the housing is sealed Overall lenght 4.1" Diameter 7/8" 
Standard: 5 PSIG
7155-0001 PURGE AIR NIPPLE:  
Connections: 1/2" NPT both sides
Air Inlet: 1/8" NPT
MATERIAL: Aluminum

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Pyronics 7155 Low Profile UV Detector Scanner

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